About AuditGuard

This year, OnePriceTaxes has partnered with AuditGuard to provide you with audit protection services. AuditGuardŽ is a Prepaid Audit Protection Plan that equips you with the full resources of a professional group of ERO's, Enrolled Agents, Former IRS Revenue Agents and CPAs to assist you in the event your return is selected for an audit.

AuditGuardŽ provides coverage for you Federal Tax return for full 36 Months from the date of purchase for a time fee of only $19.95. The plan provides you with the support of a dedicated team of tax experts who work directly with both you and the IRS throughout every phase of the audit. Our support service aggressively protects your rights under the tax code and ensures that you are granted the opportunity to exercise all the privileges that the law allows. The objective of your support team is to resolve all targeted areas of your audit and eliminate or minimize any increase your tax obligation within the confines of the law.

The plan also provides you with a reimbursement of assessed interest, penalties and certain taxes up to $3,000 in qualified cases. Unlike any other coverage plan, AuditGuardŽ will also refund 100% of your fees* upon request if you become dissatisfied with our services during your audit.

Please visit us at www.taxauditguard.com for more information about AuditGuardŽ Professional Audit Support Services.

*Only fees paid to AuditGuardŽ are subjected to a refund. Request for refunds must be made in writing prior to the completion of your audit.

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