Valentine's Day Tips: How to save money as a couple

Posted on February 4 2014

Money is one of the most common topics couples disagree about, especially if one of you is a spender and the other is a saver. Therefore, getting on the same page about money is one of the keys to a lasting relationship. This year around Valentine's Day, consider how you can strengthen the bonds of your relationship by being smart about how you spend your money. Try some of these little and big ways you can save money together.

Snowed in? Organize your tax documents - here's how!

Posted on January 29 2014

April 15 is probably marked on your calendar, but if you're expecting a refund it's a good idea to do your taxes ahead of time. The sooner you submit your tax return, the sooner you'll get your refund check or direct deposit. Before you sit down with OnePriceTaxes and use the easy questionnaire format to prepare and submit your federal and state tax returns, you'll want to do some preparation. Take advantage of a snowy day to get all of your tax documents organized so you're ready to do your taxes.

Tax deductions for Santa Claus

Posted on December 24 2013

Every business needs to file a tax return, and Santa Claus' North Pole operation is no exception. He is arguably the CEO of the largest toy company in the world, given the number of toys he gives to children around the world every Christmas. However, filing a tax return doesn't have to be something Santa groans about because he is eligible to take many tax deductions for his business. The interview-based software of OnePriceTaxes makes it easy for Santa to claim several tax deductions that his business qualifies for.

The ACA and Currently Insured Individuals

Posted on October 29 2013

For those with current health insurance, the Affordable Care Act (ACA aka Obamacare) may come with confusing implications. Individuals who are happy with employer-provided or individually purchased plans are wondering what will happen when Affordable Health Care requirements kick in on January 1, 2014. The good news is that things aren't as dire as some reports indicate. The bad news is that some insurance policies will be affected by the law. Instead of worrying, individuals should educate themselves about the impact of the ACA on current insurance so they are prepared for future changes.

Benefits of Filing Your Taxes Online

Posted on October 18 2013

Each tax season brings with it the stress of filing taxes. People spend hours going over year end documents and receipts in an attempt to settle with the IRS. There are a lot of people that still file their tax forms through the mail. One great way to stop stress and file your taxes is to file them online.
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