Filing Your State Tax Return with

This year with, you can file your state income tax return in every state!

Other online tax preparation websites try to charge you up to $30 for filing your state taxes online. At OnePriceTaxes, we not only try to make our website as easy to use as possible but we also try to make our tax software as affordable as possible. When you file a state only return with our software you'll never have to worry about us trying to "upsell" you or charge you hidden fees.

You can file your state taxes online with us in as little as 20 minutes. We provide help every step of the way to make sure that filing your state taxes online will be as painless as possible. We offer free support for any questions you may have while filing your state income taxes.

Filing a State Only Return

What do I need to do file my state taxes online?

You'll need a copy of your federal return on hand. A lot of the calculations for state income taxes are based on the federal calculations. You may also want to think about any state charities that you might want to donate a portion of your state tax refund to.

Why would I need to file just my state taxes?

There are several reasons why you may want to file just a state tax return. You may have already have filed a federal tax return. Some people also encounter "sticker shock" after seeing the prices that other tax companies charge to file state tax returns.

Need to File Both Your Federal and State Tax Returns?

We can do that for you as well! For only $29.95, we can file your federal and state tax return with the IRS and your respective state. The best part about this option is that all of your federal information is automatically transferred over to your state return! Just select the option below which best fits your needs.

Do I Need to File Taxes for the State I live in?

If you live in the following states, you will only need to file a federal tax return with the IRS.

Alaska Florida New Hampshire
Nevada South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Washington Wyoming
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