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Almost every taxpayer leads a very busy life, so the completion of a tax return will ideally take a short period of time which is why efiling your tax returns with the IRS is so beneficial. It provides a you with the tools you need to make the process easy and pain-free.

Disadvantages of Traditional Tax Returns

Many individuals are unaware of the reasons why efiling taxes can save a lot of time and effort versus traditional federal tax return methods.


When a tax return is mailed into the IRS, it is recommended that it be certified so that the taxpayer has proof of delivery. This can cost several dollars and can rise as each year passes. You can efile federal and state taxes and receive an instant delivery confirmation notice, as well as have the ability to check on the status of your return.


Handmade tax calculations and tax form completion can be a lengthy process when compared to filing electronically. Taxpayers are typically uncomfortable with having to discern and apply all of the tax rules and laws in the instructions the IRS provides. On average, a tax return can take hours to complete. When you efile your taxes with OnePriceTaxes, you can prepare your tax return in as little as 20 minutes!


Making mistakes on traditional tax forms is commonplace. This can lead to significant delays in receiving your tax refund from the IRS. Yet, it can easily be preventable when a taxpayer decides to efile. Avoiding penalties and fines is the utmost concern to the majority of taxpayers.


When paper returns are used, there are a lot more people handling your information. Obviously the more people that have to handle your information, the more likely your information could be lost or stolen. For instance, you could leave your tax return in a mailbox for the postal service to pickup, which is then taken to a distribution center to be separated and then another postal worker delivers it to the destination. Electronic filing cuts out all the middle men associated with delivering your return to the IRS.

How E-Tax Filing Can Help

OnePriceTaxes understands why so many taxpayers prefer to use an Internet-based method to complete their federal tax returns. Its ease of use, the low odds of error and secure delivery are its most prominent and beneficial features. We are a company that provides quality services for efiling needs, so that you can feel confident in choosing to prepare taxes.

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