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"OnePriceTaxes, as its name implies, charges a single flat fee, regardless of whether the filer's return is simple or complex. Total cost is disclosed up-front, and there are no hidden fees. There's no extra charged for the efiling of state taxes..."

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(via Yahoo News)

"OnePriceTaxes, a leading online tax preparation company, announced that they are giving away free Federal & State Tax filing to those filing from an unemployed household during the 2011 tax season..."

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(via News & Observer)

"Practically everybody has heard of TurboTax. Hardly anyone has heard of OnePriceTaxes. That's the daunting challenge facing the two Triangle entrepreneurs behind OnePriceTaxes, which aims to create a market niche for itself as the low-cost alternative in the do-it-yourself tax software arena. OnePriceTaxes' cost: $14.95 for software that includes a federal and state tax return. The genesis for OnePriceTaxes..."

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(via Greensboro News & Record)

"The Greensboro News and Record: One of the vendors on the N.C. Department of Revenue's list of low--cost options accepted by the state is Morrisville--based OnePriceTaxes. The company is relatively new, e--filing its first return to the Internal Revenue Service in 2007, said Robbie Edwards, CEO and president. The company, which now employs eight people, has an offer this year for unemployed households who meet certain income requirements..."

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