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If you're looking to file New York state taxes online, why not save money with You can file with us for one low price and no hidden fees, no matter how complex your tax situation is. File NYS taxes online with us today: You can start for free and pay a flat rate when satisfied.

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Competitors who can help you with your NY state tax filing often charge hidden fees based on how much work is required for them to create an accurate tax return. That means if you own a home, have dependents, or invest, you may be paying a great deal more with most tax preparation software companies. will help you file NY state taxes online for one cheap rate regardless of your situation. You can file both your federal and state taxes for $29.95 with us. Competitors sometimes charge up to $30 for your state taxes alone! We ask for one price up front, and we don't have hidden costs. It really is that simple.

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

It's important to have accurate information when filing with New York state. E-file with us; our accuracy is 100% guaranteed. After about 30 minutes of easy interview-style questions, we can calculate the best return possible. Our user-friendly tax preparation software simplifies the relatively complicated income tax laws of New York state. Try our software free and efile. New York taxpayers can pay our one fee upon receiving the return. You may also even qualify for discounts based on referrals; contact us to learn more.

File NYS Taxes Online

Without having to drive to a local tax preparer or spend money on postage or ink, you can save a great deal of money when you efile. New York tax returns can be completed quickly and easily with today. Submit your return before the regular due date of April 15. Our tax service can help you no matter how complicated your situation may be. Whether you live in Manhattan or Buffalo, whether you have five dependents or none, and whether you have a house or a major investment, we can offer one low rate for your personal taxes today.
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Our simplified price means that you pay only $34.95 no matter how complex your taxes may be.

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