IRS Error Reject Code 0679 or 680 - Your Tax Return was Rejected because of an Incorrect PIN Number or Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

It is possible that your federal tax return has been rejected due to an incorrect previous year adjusted gross income. Your previous year's adjusted gross income can be found on the following forms from last year:

  • Form 1040 - Line 37
  • Form 1040A - Line 21
  • Form 1040EZ - Line 4

If you cannot find the forms from last year, or are just not sure, you can call the IRS and they can give you an Electronic Filing PIN that will allow you to file your tax return without having to have your previous year AGI. You can receive your Electronic Filing PIN from the IRS by calling 1-866-704-7388 (it's simple, automated and fast) or
visit the IRS website to get an Electronic Filing PIN issued to you online.

Once you have either the correct adjusted gross income amounts or you have received an Electronic Filing PIN, please take the following steps:

  • Log back in to our website
  • Click on the E-file tab, and on the sub menu, click on the PIN link
  • Once on the PIN information enter either your AGI or your Electronic Filing PIN, then click Continue
  • Click the "Save Return" button on the top menu, and your tax return will be automatically retransmitted to the IRS -- for FREE

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