Where is My Tax Refund?

Where Is My Tax Refund? Track the Status of Your Refund

At OnePriceTaxes.com, we are prepared to help you file your state and federal tax return this season and help you find out when you can expect to receive your refund. This is an extremely convenient benefit because it allows you to know exactly when you will be able to access your funds. Many people use their tax refund to pay off debt or to make important purchases. By knowing when you can expect to receive your cash, you can make plans to consolidate your bills or check into making a new car purchase.

Track My Tax Refund with Assistance from OnePriceTaxes.com

When you choose to file your taxes with OnePriceTaxes.com, you no longer have to ask yourself, “Where is my state tax refund?” Once you file, you will be able to start tracking the progress of your refund. You can find out when your return has been accepted by the IRS by visiting the “Where Is My Tax Refund?” section on their website. To check on your state tax refund, you will need to visit the site for your particular state and locate the link titled “Where is My State Tax Refund?”

Check Federal Tax Refund Status

Where Is My State Tax Refund?

One of the best things about going through the hassle of filing your income tax return is that most people get to receive a substantial refund. Once you know how much money you will receive back from the IRS, it is reassuring to also find out when you can expect to receive your funds in your bank account. The “where’s my refund” feature offered by the IRS can help you to find out the approximate date of your federal tax refund deposit. But how do you find out when your state tax refund will be accessible? There is a simple way to find out that information as well. Find out more by looking into the affordable tax services we offer here at OnePriceTaxes.com.

“Check My Tax Refund” Feature Accessible to Those Who E-file

Each day during tax season, the IRS receives calls from individuals asking, “Where is my federal tax refund?” Thanks to modernized technology, taxpayers are now able to check the status of their refund online if they chose to e-file their taxes. To check the status of your federal income tax return, you can visit the official IRS website and click on the “Where’s My Refund?” link. To check the status of your state refund, you will need to visit the specific page for your own particular state. When you choose to use the low price, easy-to-use tax preparation software here at OnePriceTaxes.com, you will have access to your state tax refund information and so much more.

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