Why Choose One Price Taxes?


Last year, the average tax refund was $3,000 according to the IRS. Most people paid 3-5% of their tax refund in tax preparation fees to our competitors just to receive their tax refund. We offer a more affordable solution for helping you get your hands on the money that belongs to you!

And if you owed money to the IRS last year, why should you have to pay $50 or more our competitors charge just to PAY what you owe to the IRS?


Our competitors have multiple tiers of tax preparation service whereby they charge you more money for having every day things like a house and/or dependents. We make the process of filing a tax return simple by offering a simple "one price" model. Our one price model means that you pay the same price no matter how complex your tax situation is. Have dependents? One price. Have a house? One price. Own a business? One price.


Tax Scenario TurboTax H&R Block OnePriceTaxes Your Savings
Own a Home + State Return $94.98 $66.98 $34.95 $32.03
Investment/Rental + State Return $119.98 $66.98 $34.95 $32.03
Sole Proprietor + State Return $144.98 $86.98 $34.95 $52.03+

Why choose us? Great service at an affordable price. The average person saves $32 using OnePriceTaxes!

We make it easy

Starting with our price

Our simplified price means that you pay only $34.95 no matter how complex your taxes may be.

Easy. Guaranteed. One Flat Rate

Only $34.95
for Federal & State E-file

Pay when satisfied
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